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--- Decorate and enjoy memorial and memories, lay the memories in lavender – These are role of the Chikuma products. ---

Always stay with our products, thank you.
We have many lineup of the products which themed “Decorate and Enjoy”
Children’s birthday, important family events and company anniversaries etc… there are many memorial events around us in the life. We produce paper products which create vivid memories for the precious events.

Paper is involvement in human culture since ancient times, has unique and hearty texture. And choosing colors is fun.
We wish you can make your delightful “staging” & “surprising” by our products as “ good tool”.
Also we help you to save precious memory is also the important role of Chikuma products.
That is analog way to use paper that was produced by the direct work of human warmth, unlike the current digital preservation.
It is not only saved. Your sensibility will make more unique stuff.

---- The selection of items more than 3,000 ---
Most of our products are produced in our own factory.
We produce the products by hand work as well as automatic machine processing.
Hand works make some goodness and warmth in the detail of products.
And then we are pleased to offer you original products by your request. Because of production is by our own factory.
Thank you.

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